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Our partnerships with external organisations help us to sustain and plan our work in Ethiopia more effectively.


A main feature of our collaborations is the capacity building that we provide both in terms of the health system within Ethiopia but also of the organisation’s we partner with. We aim to develop and expand the skills, abilities, processes and reach of your organisation in order to improve the performance and quality of services and delivery.

To discuss opportunities to partner with us, please contact us.


THENA's work cannot happen without the time and expertise offered by our generous volunteers. There is always so much to be done.


We would love to hear from specialists or researchers with an interest in joining us either on a short-term or a longer-term basis. Previous volunteers have helped us to train health workers, provide mentoring at health centres, deliver collaborative research with Jimma and Gondar Universities, and provide IT systems expertise.

To discuss opportunities to volunteer, please contact us.


The generosity of our committed supporters has revolutionized the treatment of non-communicable diseases in Ethiopia for over 20 years. But if we are to expand and offer diagnosis and care to even more communities, we need your help.

Thank you for your support!

£40 could fund one blood pressure machine in rural Ethiopia; a vital piece of equipment in the detection and treatment of hypertension, a major risk factor linked to various non communicable diseases.

£78 could fund four days of chronic disease training for a health centre nurse in rural Ethiopia, helping to widen access to NCD care for marginalised patients.


£200 could fund three days of stroke care and treatment training for nurses and physiotherapists in Ethiopia, helping to improve the treatment of stroke, one of the leading causes of death in the country.


"I am a medical student at Barts and The London. In 2016 I took a year off to pursue some interests of mine, which led to seven extremely fulfilling weeks with THENA's Chronic NCD Programme in Jimma, Ethiopia. I had arranged with the THENA team to contribute to a study at five rural health centres around Jimma that have established NCD clinics. Through this study we explored the reasons that lead some patients not to attend their follow up appointments. We travelled between clinics, collected data from patient files, and trained health professionals to follow up with patients by visiting them at their homes and capturing their reasons for non-attendance. Whilst there, I met health workers and patients and learnt a lot about medicine in a resource-poor area. I had to be independent and deal with arising problems, and learnt new skills of leadership, data collection and financial management."


"I am a consultant cardiologist working at Salisbury District Hospital, UK. My interest is valvular heart disease and echocardiography – ultrasound imaging of the heart. Following a visit to Ethiopia in February 2017 I have planned a 2-week teaching course in Cardiology and echocardiography at Jimma Hospital in February 2018. Valvular heart disease and heart failure are common conditions in Ethiopia. Echocardiography is an essential tool in diagnosing and grading severity of cardiac conditions. Many hospitals have ultrasound devices but often no training in their use. I consider that teaching and mentoring local doctors in their own hospital will help to improve cardiology services. I am running this course with another consultant cardiologist and a cardiac physiologist (expert in echocardiography). My hope is that we could take this course to other hospitals in the future."


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