Our impact

We have provided decentralised care to 17 health centres across Jimma and Gondar that are now able to provide quality NCD diagnosis, treatment and care.

We have registered over 7,700 NCD patients at the health centres where they now receive long-term solutions.

We have enabled Jimma and Gondar to be Centres of Excellence (where the highest standards are maintained) for decentralised care 

We have developed research capacity and gained greater understanding of risk factors for NCDs as experienced in Ethiopia

We have contributed to the Federal Ministry of Health’s 2014 National Plan for NCDs


Linnet Griffith-Jones

Country Programmes Coordinator, THET

E: linnet.griffith-jones@thet.org

T: +44 (0) 20 7290 3893

Photo Credit: Dominic Dee and THET