Where we work

Ethiopia, a nation of over 100 million people, has one of the fastest growing non-oil producing economies in Africa. Despite this, the health status of Ethiopia remains poor (WHO) and with 82% of the population living in rural areas, 58% of whom are unable to reach a health facility by foot, THENA is doing vital work to decentralise medical care.


NCDs account for an estimated 43.5% of total deaths in Ethiopia. Although lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking play a part, in Ethiopia the leading cause of these diseases is poverty.


We currently work within the rural Jimma and Gondar regions and so far have successfully decentralised NCD services to 17 health centres within these regions. In the coming years our vision is to greatly increase the number of clinics able to provide NCD care both within Jimma and Gondar as well as other regions - work which we will carry out in partnership with the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Health, universities and local health authorities.


Katharina Brassington

Country Programmes Coordinator, THET

E: katharina.brassington@thet.org

Photo Credit: Dominic Dee and THET