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Two million Ethiopians to have access to chronic disease diagnosis and care
GlobalGiving Funding Enables Expansion of New Project
We are pleased to announce a further donation of $30,000 from GlobalGiving in aid of our work during the Covid-19 pandemic.
The high Covid-19 caseload in Ethiopia has placed immense strain on the health system, with rural health centres largely unprepared and unsupported. This pandemic has had devastating consequences for people suffering from NCDs, as as these long-term conditions require regular interaction with health systems and access to essential medicines. This has become extremely difficult, and many patients are unable to receive the care that they need. 

In response to this, in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Health and the Universities of Jimma and Gondar, we launched the 'Covid-19 Preparedness and Response Project'. Central to this work has been a 9-month pilot project which enables remote consultations for NCD patients using mobile phones. This is helping patients who live far away from health centres access the care, treatment and advice that they need in these challenging circumstances. This project is one of the first of its kind in Ethiopia, and has the potential to revolutionise NCD care for patients in rural areas during Covid-19 and beyond. 

Aside from this remote consultation work, we will continue to ensure health workers at different levels of the health system are trained to manage the epidemic, and that we are responding to the needs of both patients and health workers at this challenging time.  ​

Thank you to GlobalGiving for their continued support. To read more, click here.

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