Two million Ethiopians to have access to chronic disease diagnosis and care
In July 2019 THENA's Shitaye Alemu Balcha was profiled in the Annals of Internal Medicine:
"In Gondar, Dr. Shitaye Alemu Balcha, a venerated local internist who pioneered diabetes care in northern Ethiopia, is another legendary mother of many. She has devoted her life to practicing and teaching first-rate medicine; caring for orphans with HIV; raising scholarship money for destitute children to attend the school she helped found; and providing exceptional medical care to patients with chronic diseases, free of charge, in one of the poorest regions in the world. She procures and distributes insulin, gratis; as a result, Dr. Shitaye's “kids” with type 1 diabetes now enjoy a normal lifespan. Many people with diabetes have grown up at the institution in Gondar founded by Mother Teresa, either orphaned or left there by impoverished or single parents unable to care for them. Dr. Shitaye made a point of visiting them from time to time."
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Katharina Brassington

Country Programmes Coordinator, THET


Photo Credit: Dominic Dee and THET